Video games in 2016 would be unrecognizable to someone in 2006

If you stepped away from video games for a decade, would you recognize them when you returned?

Over the weekend, I received an email from Murali Ramanujam, who hasn’t played video games in earnest since 2007. Returning to the medium after nine years, he feels lost.

As he puts it:

I simply cannot understand many of the games being released nowadays. When I gamed last time, there was [the first] Assassins Creed, which was a fun single player game. It had a good story and good graphics. Then there was Counter Strike, which had no story whatsoever and people just shooting each other in various maps.

Now we have Destiny, several Tom Clancy games which I cannot tell apart, GTA Online, and so many new online games that reviewers talk…

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