Nier: Automata is shaping up to be one of 2017’s best action games

The developers of Nier: Automata understand how important it is that a really big sword feels like a really big sword. The upcoming action-RPG puts you in the role of an android soldier who wields a blade that’s even taller than she is, and when you swing it for a heavy attack, there’s an incredibly satisfying weight to it; it takes a moment before she’s able to swing the sword around, and when it connects with a group of robots it lands with a pleasing crunch. It just feels good.

Tomorrow Square Enix is releasing a demo of the game on PlayStation 4 so that you can experience it for yourself. And while it’s brief — you can easily finish the demo in under an hour — it’s a tantalizing glimpse at what could end up being the best action game…

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