Bird watching, for people who hate birds

Birds look mean, you can’t pet them, and they shit on you. Maybe I loathe them because I’ve lived in cities my whole life, and my few interactions with birds consist of the following:

  • pigeons (aka rats with wings) clogging the pavement and flying in your face
  • seagulls pooping on my head (seagulls take massive dumps, in case you didn’t know)
  • cute birds that chirp too damn loud in the morning when I’m trying to sleep

I also find birds scary. There’s something ominous about those beaks and claws — a reminder that the animals are living dinosaurs that would rule over all of us if it weren’t for their relatively small size. Birds are my least favorite animals.

So I was pleased to stumble upon this snarky Tumblr by a fellow bird hater: Field…

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